Golden Memories: An anniversary celebration


Good morning!

This week we begin uploading our 50th session, which is really exciting. Also, it turns out tomorrow, Wednesday the 10th of September is the second anniversary of the upload of our first campaign session. We’d like to invite you to take the chance to look back on your favorite moments and join us on memory lane. Feel free to submit posts here, or make your own posts (tagged with #lp13a so we can find them), or tell any of us on twitter, or in our forum thread, or anywhere else you want! Since it’s celebrating a 50th, we’re calling them our “Golden Memories”. Here’s a favorite moment of our GM’s for each PC:

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raeartemi asked:

Okay then, what were your thoughts on the 13A monk? There's one in my group and I wanna see how your thoughts line up to his.

I think from a flavor perspective, the Monk has a lot of good fluff! The moves all sound really cool and the Opening-Flow-Finisher system is an unique system that makes you really think about what moves you’re gonna use next each round. 

The downside is that I think it also limits you a lot as well. Being locked into effectively a third of your move pool on any given turn feels stifling, and there were a lot of moments where I really could have used the effect of a move that I wouldn’t be allowed to attempt until 2 turns later. In my experience, any time a tabletop RPG tells you “You get to do this 2 turns from now!” it might as well say “This will work like maybe once or twice in the whole campaign.” It’s just too unpredictable for that stuff to work out consistently.

Those are just my thoughts, however. It’s totally possible your monk will have a different experience and I’d love to hear what they have to think as well!

psiidmon asked:

What do you think about the DnD5e tiefling? I'm playing my first session right now!

I’ve never played a Tiefling in any edition, but I think they’re an interesting race! They don’t seem that different from 4e, at least from a lore/general traits point of view. I think some people tend to not like Tieflings (and Dragonborn) because they’re pretty different from the typical “Human, Elf, Dwarf” rotation but honestly I always pick something that’s not one of those if I can. I mostly trend towards Dragonborn but I could see myself making a Tiefling in a future campaign!